• At AQLE, a great deal of emphasis is placed on human values and team spirit. We consider that "working well" and well-being at work are one and the same.

    This philosophy is demanding. It is nourished by a mode of governance and an HR policy that are well anchored in the concrete reality of daily collective action.

  • This is one of the flagship projects for 2020-2021 selected by our Wellness Group: to transform 2500 m2 of wasteland (located behind the AQLE workshop) into a social and environmental ecosystem!
    Certainly, COVID 19 has come and gone, but it rekindles motivations:

    > Petanque here, quiet reading there, leeks and watermelons beyond! The shared garden will be a place of conviviality par excellence.

    > The AQLE team that is piloting the project benefits from dedicated training, offered by the community of communes: what exactly is sustainable agriculture? How to make fertilizer? Who to contact to exchange seeds? How to include children?

    > The conduct of this project, by nature sustainable, allows to develop a culture of ecology and sustainable agriculture, especially through links with other associations. For example to exchange good practices, but also seeds and know-how that goes with it.

  • Because your customer experience is essential to us... 15/12/2021

    Because your customer experience is essential to us...

    Our ambition is to increasingly connect our service offer to your needs...

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  • Purchasing - Direct relationship 13/12/2021

    Purchasing - Direct relationship

    Beyond the indicators for monitoring their performance, direct collaboration with our suppliers remains the best way to secure and optimize our material flows and at the same time our service to customers.

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  • Innovate to better meet your needs 08/12/2021

    Innovate to better meet your needs

    Vapor phase rejection furnace... Greater safety for soldering heterogeneous boards, atypical or fragile components. It provides perfect soldering without defect, without oxidation,...

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  • Investing in training, a winning act in three dimensions 06/12/2021

    Investing in training, a winning act in three dimensions

    Guarantee the skills of its teams...

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