• Proudly 100% Oise!

    Working at AQLE means enjoying all the advantages of the Ile-de-France region - including the quality of SNCF and RER services - while enjoying the quality of life of the "real countryside".

    Our clients know and appreciate our Saint-Just site!
    > ¾ of an hour from Paris Gare du Nord by direct train
    > 50 mn from Roissy Charles de Gaulle

    The Oise, land of innovation in the southern part of the Hauts-de-France region, is described as a new paradise for entrepreneurship. Start-ups flourish there when older companies thrive by adapting to new technologies developed on the territory.
    AQLE is one example.

  • Some indicators of dynamism
    "in the 60"

    > Very high speed broadband (THD): since 2019, Oise is the first territory fibered in Europe.
    A major issue of competitiveness and economic attractiveness, THD is being deployed in Oise with the aim of full coverage of rural areas.

    > The College of the Future Plan: since 2016, Oise has made digital technology in colleges its priority. Objective: to better prepare middle school students for the jobs of tomorrow (acquisition and renewal of computer equipment, deployment of innovative digital devices).

    > The Oise 2024 Plan: the awarding of the 2024 Olympic Games to Paris means a tremendous opportunity for Oise to be known to the world. The Department has set up the Organizing Committee "Oise Olympic 2024" which brings together, around the same ambition, elected officials, sports committees and Oise companies.

AQLE is a historical and leading territorial partner,
on the economic and employment aspects,
but also social.
We evolve in a good spirit of territorial solidarity,
nearby and accompanying.

On our scale,
AQLE is a bit to Saint-Just-en-Chaussée
what Michelin is to Clermont-Ferrand!

Frans Desmedt
Mayor of Saint-Just-en-Chaussée - Vice President of the Departmental Council,
in charge of economic development and regional planning

  • The proximity of cities and villages with strong
    cultural appeal such as Beauvais, Senlis, Compiègne
    or Chantilly...

    > about 40 kms from Saint-Just-en-Chaussée
    > about 40 minutes by car

    • As Deputy for the 1st constituency of Oise, and with his strong entrepreneurial fiber, Olivier Dassault has been particularly involved in the development and good health of the economic fabric of Oise.
      His nephew Victor Habert-Dassault takes up the torch, continues to share the values of industry and is part of the tradition of a great industrial family.
      Both have been close to AQLE for many years.
      The testimony of Olivier Dassault gives us here his perception of the company.

    > Access Olivier Dassault's talk

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