Complex electronic solutions are most often a combination of card and wiring. For these two specialties, AQLE intervenes with an integrated approach, based on a specification or from a complete file.

  • A comprehensive service

    AQLE provides the complete service from component procurement to delivery of the tested finished product to the end customer from the prototyping phase to serial production.

    21 months of training are required
    to acquire the core know-how
    of board and wiring
  • Electronic Cards: SMD and Traversants

    > hybrid/prototype boards
    > solder cream jet screen printer
    > placement machine
    > double reflow oven
    > preforming machines
    > waves
    > connector pressfitting
    > varnishing, potting, bonding
    > lead/lead-free process
    > cleaning
    > burn-in
    > Vapor phase
    > AOI
    > Bonding machine
    > Bi-component dosing system
    > 3-axis dosing robot

  • Threaded: the integrated approach

    AQLE offers its integrated services of wire bonding, assembly, recipe and industrialization.

    > prototypes and 3D mock-up
    > realization of wiring tools
    > optimization and industrialization
    > all types of stripping (mechanical, thermal, laser)
    > manual and automatic crimping
    > finishing and swaging

  • To be always at the forefront of this high value dual activity, AQLE develops internally an ambitious training program:

    > massive training plan : in 2023, AQLE employees and apprentices benefited from more than 2,400 hours of training.

    AQLE participates in performance improvement programmes such as AEROEXCELLENCE and BPI accelerators. These programmes bring organisational skills to all levels of the company.

  • Behind this job title of "cable installer", it is a high-tech activity that is at stake.
    To achieve excellence in actions and professional gestures - with in particular this great manual dexterity that all our visitors retain - the demanding initial training occupies a pivotal place at AQLE.

    Cécile Ghesquiere, previously a school life assistant in charge of dyslexic children, radically changed the course of her professional life one day in 2013. By answering a Pôle Emploi ad for AQLE, she was right to "dare" the advanced electronics:
    A few AQLE trainings later, she is today not only a cable assembler, but also an AQLE prototyper. She is also a QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) facilitator...

    A look back on quite a journey.
    Access Cécile Ghesquiere's story

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