How, when one's expertise is in advanced electronics, can one bring one's full share to the collective construction of the industry of tomorrow?

  • Global vision, 360° mindset

    In the age of all-digital and all-technology, of transitions to be piloted and transformations to be mastered, the industrial world as a whole is in strong movement. It is globalizing and transforming.

    Mechanics, data, electronic studies, but also metallurgy, plastics, robotics... and digital. More than ever, modern industry is to be understood as a large value chain, made of many expert trades, complementary and brought to combine with each other.

  • More than ever, modern industry
    is to be understood as one big collaborative value chain

    Romuald Nampon Emery
    Sales Manager
    Thus, to work for others is to work with others.
    It is in this open and integrated vision of the modern, strategic and future industry, that AQLE situates and develops its expert roles as prime contractor, manager and implementer of equipment with complex electronics.
  • Working collaboratively, key to collective progress

  • As an extension of our own collaborative modes of operation, at AQLE we invest in collective knowledge.

    Thus, from the upstream phases, it is by going beyond the sole scope of our industrial know-how that we take into account all information, novelties and values, wherever they come from.

    This AQLE approach is always open to prospective. It is nourished by listening and by related business inputs. It allows us to make a unique case of each customer request, always susceptible to progress and innovation.
  • Eric Burnotte and Damien Asselin - presidents of ALLIANSYS and AQLE, respectively -, met as part of the SNESE steering committee.

    Affinity of values, spirit of mutual aid, shared desire to make things happen... it is quite natural that the two companies help each other. Here, it is AQLE that lends its 3D ray expertise or provides wireline expertise. There, it's ALLIANSYS that sends a team to AQLE for a day of technical audit on a need for card expertise...

    What if, behind this trust, behind this game of openness and shared progress, a powerful and new value proposition was taking shape, based on complementarities?

    Damien Asselin comes back on the why and how of this future partnership.

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