"Medusa", a collective technological work.
Imagined by an artist from Picardy, this astonishing technological sculpture was entirely realized, in 2015, by AQLE employees, at the very heart of the company.

  • Her name - Medusa - is of course in reference to this great and endearing female figure of Greek mythology!

    The AQLE Medusa is a magnificent assembly of technologies, components, lights, creativity, security systems...

    For all this, she has been able to gather all AQLE collaborators. Managers, engineers, technicians ... all have contributed a part of their expertise, to symbolize the great collective competence of AQLE, its technical values and commitment.
  • Demanding, globalization, expertise, organization,

    but also communication and spirit of mutual aid... all the values of the company can be found in Medusa.

    More than an original work of art, she is the representative figure of this collective and living competence of AQLE, of which each employee is proud.

    Multi-armed, multi-talented, multi-technology, multi-actor, capable of winking... "Medusa" goes beyond the AQLE framework to open up to the world. It offers itself to all - customers, suppliers, partners - to become the common label of our expertise and commitments.

    Inaugurated at the Paris Air Show in 2016, Medusa firmly holds its place today in the AQLE reception hall.

    She no longer counts the selfies...
  • But who is Medusa in Greek mythology?
    She is the granddaughter of the Earth and the Sea, but also the mother of Pegasus... and therefore of aeronautics! Just as AQLE makes safe products for its customers, Medusa was the shield protector of Athena, herself a goddess of reason and intelligence.

    Because of Medusa, all AQLE customers are Athena!

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