For all the benefits of surface-mounted component with globalized digital agility

  • Flexibility

    > The stencil constraint is removed: choice of the thickness of cream to be soldered on each range according to the component constraints
    > Benefit from a very powerful and flexible tool integrating troubleshooting, retrofitting, thanks to the selective cream deposit on almost unlimited applications

  • Risk Reduction

    > Reduction of stencil/solder cream constraints,
    > 100% covered digital and automatic traceability (elimination of solder cream error risks, ...)
    > Control of technical process and temperature criteria as close to the product as possible
    > control of cream deposit by automatic inspection

  • Global supervision software,

    from inventory management to machine loading, through detailed planning

    Our soldering cream jet screen printing machine allows us:
    > time saving, quick implementation for prototypes (repairs possible)
    > high performance quality result close to the expected target normative results

    CMS production line
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    CMS Jetting
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    Vapor phase
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