• Agility & Innovation
  • Agility & Innovation

"Small change in schedule... We finally have to ask you to produce 1500 more units, but it is not possible for us to move the scheduled delivery time. Possible from your side?"

  • Think and act with agility

    For our high-value-added electronics business, our ability to think and act with agility is a prerequisite, a core value expected by our customers.

    To control and meet production deadlines, our ways of working allow us to act with flexibility and responsiveness.
    But agility is of another dimension: it is the natural meeting point with what often characterizes our specialized high-tech activity:

    > the management of complexity (industrialization - production - process...)

    > the ability to organize well

Agility is all about
collective competence

  • Collective competence: the essence of AQLE agility

    At AQLE, we see collective competence as the preferred path to enabling our agility.
    "To be ever more competent" is therefore AQLE's challenge, which implies:

    > mutual aid, sharing and transfer of skills: a state of mind and a collective strength that are at the heart of AQLE's DNA.

    > what follows: the business versatility of the teams and employees

Our ability to innovate
depends on our living,
flexible, adaptable, not fixed processes

Benjamin Croisille
Methods Technician

  • It is because these conditions are met that we can offer our customers lively, flexible, adaptable, non-fixed industrialization processes.
    This adaptability is the breeding ground for our agility.

  • AGILITY, the starting point for all INNOVATION

    Based on years of experience, we at AQLE retain these "house" principles, shared with all our

    > AGILITY is the royal road to INNOVATE

    > to manage complexity, PRAGMATISM and INNOVATION are in no way a paradox... quite the contrary.

    > finally, SIMPLICITY is often the ultimate form of the greatest and most durable INNOVATIONS.

    Based on these principles, innovation goes beyond the sole field of productions. It can be expressed on all business aspects: process, project management, supply chain...

  • All civil aviation professionals and commentators are familiar with the Saga related to the CSeries program.

    The players in it are well-known: Bombardier (which has been examining the feasibility of a new generation of commercial aircraft since 2004), facing off against global giants Boeing and Airbus.
    The action takes place on land as well as in the air, against a backdrop of political-economic and commercial intrigue that pits the American 737 against the A-318 and A-321 of our European Airbus.

    And then, there is a story within the story:that of AQLE, which has the great honor of serving the advancement of this great CSeries program.
    This is since January 2012, serving our client SAFRAN (formerly ZODIAC AERO ELECTRIC).
    Prototyping, industrialization, training-qualifications, evolutions, adaptation to the fluctuations of orders... The words are not lacking.

    The CSeries program?
    A daily "springboard" for our professionalism and our AQLE agility.

    > Access the info

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