Healthy and beautiful work life!

    Investing in people has always been an AQLE hallmark, going beyond the sole issues of well-being and health in the workplace.
    Without taking the place of the Works Council, the AQLE working group dedicated to Quality of Life at Work has no shortage of ideas to nurture social ties.

    Three topics are particularly popular at the moment, even if COVID 19 will have moved the deadlines:

    > The Rally Raid organized by the Saint-Just-en-Chaussée town hall. 6 employees are preparing to defend the colors of AQLE for 48 hours of sporting events

    > The International Soldering Competition (organized by IPC and IFTEC, in partnership with SNESE). For the future edition, our champions will have to win to match the performances of Jonathan and Benjamin, fellow members of AQLE and brothers of the last podium!

    > The AQLE shared garden. Long live the 2500 m2 of wasteland adjacent to the AQLE workshop... The confinement related to COVID 19 has pushed back the project, but by consolidating its purpose: a social and environmental ecosystem at the very doors of the AQLE workshop!"

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