« We are facing a double technological and industrialization challenge and maybe you can help us.

  • I warn you, it's not simple and it's not all about electronics...
    Can we see each other soon?"

    Understanding each other as experts to experts

    Internally as well as with respect to our clients - who are all experts in their field - we are very attached to sharing and transmitting our know-how and skills.
    As part of our business processes, we include AQLE expertise in the global vision of all the industrial and technical issues entrusted to us.

    ● Value analysis, a prerequisite for performance
    ● Open and multi-trade vision
    ● Strong collective maturity, nourished by crossed and multi-sector experiences

With our clients,
we move each other forward

  • Your challenges are our best challenges

    In an industrial world that continues to reinvent and transform itself, our clients' new challenges are our own challenges. Otherwise, how can we claim to support them, how can we claim to innovate?
    Because AQLE is dedicated to highly technological and value-added sectors, our business is to accompany our clients in their permanent process of value creation.

Each new specification
is likely to carry collective progress,
to always accelerate value creation

Romuald Nampon Emery
Sales manager

  • Making each client's case unique, every new specification is a potential source of learning.

    > we know how to appropriate very quickly any progress and any technological,
    methodological or organizational advance

    > we are keen to decline these new assets to complete our individual and collective expertise

    Thus capitalized, each new experience consolidates our collective capacity to manage complexity

  • Watch is every day

    At AQLE, we know that nothing can be taken for granted, even more so in a world in great movement, which requires that any scenario can be anticipated.

    Thus, we consider technology foresight to be part of our job, and that it is now vital.

    > technology watch, but also regulatory and market watch

    > in parallel with our internal electronic dematerialization approaches, our concrete prospective approaches (know-how and services) in terms of connected electronics

    > sharing common issues with companies (in a given industry, such as aeronautics for example)

  • Overview with Emmanuel Sonntag,
    Technical Director AQLE

    In a world that is evolving at 1,000 miles per hour, boosted by the multiple challenges of the digital transition - which concerns all sectors, all companies, but also every end user -, we must not forget that there is no digital without electronics!
    Interview with Emmanuel Sonntag, AQLE's technical director

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