Aerospace - Defense - Rail - Nuclear - Energy - Automotive - Medical - Industries... or the growing market of connected objects...

  • All of these industries fall into very diverse sectoral universes and business lines.
    If they can be found together at AQLE, it is for this common point that they share: their specific needs for complex controlled electronics, with high added value...

  • While electronic cabling is a highly specialized activity, it potentially concerns all industrial sectors, and to meet multiple operational, functional and usage purposes.

    AQLE is the expert interlocutor to respond to each of these market sectors, as soon as they are confronted with technological issues that impact their electronics.

Projects and specifications
from the "simplest"
to the most innovative and complex

  • More concretely, AQLE teams act both as prime contractors, and as producers of solutions integrating electronic, card and wiring, and this mainly for small and medium series.

    These different industries require multiple technical skills, which then requires a strong ability to think and adapt in the answers to propose.

    Finally, let's remember that electronics is the unavoidable industrial base for the production of digital equipment and systems. AQLE, in this context, is ready to make its industrial contribution to the digital transformation of our society.

  • Multiple sectors, single AQLE response: serving the customer

    > no matter what the specification, listen well and understand well. The primary characteristic of our business is to fully understand and own the added value expected by each of our customers.
    > to provide the right organization, flexible, capable of mobilization
    > to propose cost-optimized solutions
    > to deliver perfect, reliable and secure realizations within the agreed deadlines.

    For a permanent improvement of the collective performance, AQLE intends to inscribe each of the collaborations in a close working relationship, marked by trust, mutual and durable.

    This is how AQLE's collaborations with its customers are durable.

  • AQLE was built in the school of the highest technological demands, since the aeronautical sector is central to its business.
    From the collaboration with prestigious companies such as Dassault, Airbus, Thales or Safran, let us remember these emblematic achievements:

    > Rafale flight controls
    > AIRBUS A220 electrical cores
    > Falcon F6X and F8X cockpit/lighting cards

    Very high-flying value-added

    For these very high value-added and often complex achievements, safety and total quality issues are always at the center of any work process.
    Whether it is a question of the preliminary analysis of industrialization, equipment and production methods, quality control - with tests and controls on the entire value chain -, the realization must be in all points safe and controlled.

    A level of expertise that benefits everyone.

    While airborne electronics remains the prestigious spearhead of AQLE know-how, the technological expertise developed benefits all sectors, all customers.

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    Purchasing - Direct relationship

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    Innovate to better meet your needs

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