• Beyond business expertise, industrial legitimacy

    AQLE can provide its extensive experience and numerous skills on everything that makes up the industrialization chain.

    This capacity of support and advice is made possible by the collective experience developed, for years, in contact with multiple customer cases (specifications of the most varied and complex).

    This reality is coupled with a particular attention to continuous training, on all areas of expertise within the scope of AQLE.

    Beyond its field of electronic expertise, AQLE is able to go out and find skills, even building formal partnerships with companies that have developed complementary expertise.

"We are experts,
we can go very far in providing support"

Lorianne Toupry
Production workshop manager

  • Collaborative approach: strong consulting and global support value

    - ability to take the project from right from the start, even in the research and study phase, when the specifications are defined.

    - global apprehension of any solution to be developed.

    - ability to model customer needs. Formalization of normative requirements, component specifications, prototypes and pre-series.

    - a team of highly experienced methods technicians.
    - test strategy (ad hoc on customer specifications) and control
    - setting up purchasing delegations, as part of a collaborative approach
    Objective: to optimize the quality, lead times and manufacturing costs of products.
    - when components or sub-assemblies require programming to become functional, AQLE's specialized teams can take charge of these operations.
    - equipment industrialization consulting.

    - ability to bring together the right partners useful to the solution, up to formalize collaborative partnerships

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    Because your customer experience is essential to us...

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    Purchasing - Direct relationship

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    Innovate to better meet your needs

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